Who doesn’t like having their future read? Everyone is a little bit curious, even if they are staunch atheists, cynics, or just plain jerks. We all enjoy a good Tarot Reading. 

OracleClyde has been reading the Tarot since he was 15, but only recently decided to share it with the world. As a platform for his unique views on life, relationships and politics, OracleClyde takes advantage of the Tarot’s unique ability to encourage reflection and self examination, while expanding upon core themes of the human experience. He broadcasts his show several times a week on Twitch and shares his thoughts on relationships, world affairs and other eclectic topics on his blog, https://oracle.twistedlittlegnome.studio

All the while drinking some very fine bourbon.  

OracleClyde is also a member of The Outlanders with ParsonBarr, a team of brothers who are passionate about Shroud of the Avatar, the spiritual successor to the Ultima series of video games.